Why Pay More?

Why Pay More?

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Why pay so much for a proper logo design service?

Why pay more for a cool t-shirt design? When you can find a cheaper printer down the road for example..

Some people don’t realize how important branding and a stand out logo can actually be the difference between running a successful business vs starting a small business that will close in a year or so when you realize your business sucks.

How many times have you spotted a ‘new business’ who basically whipped together a standard logo, got a cheap cheap website and now are marketing themselves as the cheapest and the best in the country?

You can easily spot the t-shirt printing businesses that are ameture’s or fakers..

Here is something to look out for…

“cheap service” they offering cheap service to get their first customers, they don’t care about quality or if your going to use them again, get in & out, take your money and give you low quality shirts, which give the proper high quality printers negative rumors.

“talking crap, trying to sound important’

You may come across a site that talks about the technique of silkscreen printing and vinyl t-shirt printing. Who cares, you as a customer do not need to know how it works, you just want it to work.

The reason why these simple website businesses talk about the technique, is that’s all they can copy from another site that talks about the same stuff to sound important.

To easily spot the fakers from the genuine t-shirt printers and online design businesses is portfolio… If they have been doing this for a while and you can tell they are a professional company, they will have tons of proof posted over their site..

For example tshirtprinting.co.za does not tell you how silkscreen printing works, they simply show you their awesome works they have done.. Showing you that if you pay more for quality service, you will get something on the same quality as they post on their portfolio site.

Logo Design, some lame companies out there offer logo design service and what they do is go online do a search and simply copy something 100% or use FREE clip art floating around the web, add a few items together, use some fancy type and there you have a decent looking logo and call themselves designers and professional logo designers.

The problem here is your paying for a cheap logo that is generic, (same stuff you see everywhere)

2COOLDESIGN.co.za & tshirtprinting.co.za focuses on being different and not following the clip art trend some of these ameture websites are using or offering ‘professional logo design service’

So when you contact them and they quote you $200 for international customers or average of R1500>R3000 for a professional logo or t-shirt design service. You will pay more for the best quality logo or t-shirt design service..and receive something that is totally original and cool !

here is a typical example of their work to illustrate what a professional logo can look like..

this below was something you could see being used by a company who browsed the internet for Free card illustration, free cricket ball illustration, merge them together and call it a logo.

Team Logo


This action cricket team asked for a cool logo for their sports team, something similar to this logo they found online…. this logo they found is Very plain and simple, something a average design or average t-shirt printing business will whip together and call themselves logo designers.

Here is what the final logo looked like after it went through the 2cooldesign.co.za and tshirtprinting.co.za process…


The customer pointed out, red is not their main colour and would like them to use more green in the design.


Here is the final logo……..




Stand out,


CRICKET-SHIRT-WICKED-GAMER wildace cool cricket shirts


Here are the final Custom Shirts they produced and now you know why it is important to pay that little bit extra when searching online for a reliable and professional logo design and a professional t-shirt printing service.

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2Cooldesign.co.za for the coolest, custom, wicked Logo design service in SA.

They also serve customers from around the world for their professional logo design service.