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Tips Advise and some cool t-shirts and printers available online……

Where to get customized t-shirt design in South Africa?


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What is the Best T-shirt printing process?

Which Shirt printing technique should i consider?



silkscreen printing

silkscreen printing

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Which other Shirt printing technique should i consider?

Vinyl Shirt printing 

if done right and using the right t-shirt vinyl, you get amazing results.

Avoid companies offering flex vinyl transfer, this is the thick stuff and feels ok, but not ideal. This sort of vinyl transfer is used for numbers on the back of sports shirts for rugby, cricket, soccer etc.

But still, there is thin vinyl avl from certain suppliers and buying the right Quality t-shirt vinyl is the difference between a good & experienced t-shirt printing service and a fly by night or most singange & t-shirt printing services.

There is super thin vinyl products available on the market, but this is generally learned by the best t-shirt printers.

Even big brands like Mr price use some vinyl transfers on some of there products.

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Spot Colour printing

DTG t-shirt printing technique >>>>>>>

FULL COLOUR t-shirt printing and ideal for complex art….

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Transfer printing> Do’s and don’ts

pls Avoid (signage companies offering t-shirt printing on the side) any company that offers transfer printing using roland printer, it’s like having a sticker on your shirt, not cool, not breathable, feels thick and signage companies don’t know sh*&t about quality t-shirt printing.

Ask them, is this going to be printed with transfer using a eco-solvent printer or roland printer?

if the answer is yes, rather avoid this print, this is what gives some t-shirt printing techniques a bad reputation.

Transfer printing done by professional t-shirt printing companies is a different process and using the right transfers you get amazing results these days with specialized transfers.

Even big brands like Mr price and even billabong use various high quality transfer techniques. These are secret techniques only learned by being in the industry and learning the best techniques…

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Custom Advanced vinyl t-shirt printing services.

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Custom T-shirts, Custom design, Custom printing… you found the right site !

gamer apparel South Africa

gamer apparel South Africa

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tshirt printing & design.

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Don’t know how to design?

Simply click this pic below to take you to one cool t-shirt designer, who can design the coolest custom unique shirt designs and setup your artwork to be suitable for any t-shirt printing method..


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