T-shirt Printing Machine

Where to find the best t-shirt printing machine.

Silkscreen printing > Silkscreen printing is the most common and cheapest form of printing t-shirts.

silkscreen t-shirt

silkscreen t-shirt

Direct to garment T-shirt printing > These machines are expensive, but the nice thing is there is no mess, no fuss.
You have no setup fee, no screens to make, unlike silk screening. You print directly onto your T-shirt.

Just like your home printer, but imagine you can print your t-shirt through it and even print white ink.

From dealing with several DTG ( direct to garment printers ) I’ve discovered the best of the best.

Kornit stands out to be a leader in the industry. 5 star rating, but price will knock you for a six.
The Kornit DTG printer can print on almost any fabric, including jeans, polyester and hoodies over zips etc. !

Texjet Direct to garment printer comes in second. Also 5 Star for quality print, can print better than kornit, but is limited to only cotton.


Direct to garment printing